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the villages of Amalficoast:

Amalfi - ancient maritime republic with the Cathedral of St. Andrea.
Atrani - the smallest village of Italy
Cetara - the village of anchovy leakage
Conca dei Marini - with the Emerald Cave “Grotta dello Smeraldo”
Furore - painted town with its characteristic fjord
Maiori - ancient “Rheginna Major”, village with the longest beach of the Amalficoast
Minori - ancient “Rheginna Minor” with the Roman villa of the first century A.D.
Positano - vertically built village, well known in the world for the production of fashion Moda Positano
Praiano - the heart of Amalficoast
Ravello - Città della musica, City of Music
Scala - the most ancient village on the Amalficoast
Tramonti - village "intra montes" (between the mountains) in a valley of the mountains "Monti Lattari"
Vietri sul Mare - worldwide well known for its production of ceramic art
Agerola - village in a valley of the mountains “Monte Lattari ",famous for its cheese “Provolone del Monaco” and Fiordilatte

Interesting locations in the surrounding of Amalficoast:

Sorrento, Pompei, Vesuvio, Ercolano, Oplontis (Torre Annunziata), Solfatara (Pozzuoli), Napoli, Capri,Paestum, Salerno, Caserta

Local products of the area:

  Handmade paper of Amalfi       Limoncello     Moda Positano    Sorrento inlay wood art     Anchovy leakage of Cetara    Provolone del Monaco di Agerola
Handmade paper of Amalfi Limoncello Moda Positano Sorrento inlay wood art  Anchovy leakage of Cetara Provolone del Monaco di Agerola
  Ceramic Art of Vietri sul Mare       Ravello wine     Corals of Torre Annunziata
Ceramic Art of Vietri sul Mare Ravello wine Corals of Torre Annunziata

Museums, monuments, villas, ruins, caves

Archaeological excavations

Pompei, Ercolano, Oplontis, Paestum, Pozzuoli Anfiteatro Flavio


Pozzuoli Solfatara, Vesuvio


Amalfi: Paper Museum, Museum of the Arsenal of the Republic
Minori: Villa Romana museum
Ravello: Museum "Camo" of corals
Vietri sul Mare: Ceramic museum (district Raito)
Sorrento: Museum Correale
Paestum: Archeologic Museum
Napoli: National Archeologic Museum, Museum e Gallery Capodimonte, Ceramic Museum, Civic Museum of Castelnuovo (Maschio Angioino) Museum of San Martino (contains a collection of famous Neapolitan cribs)
In accordance with Law No. 6/27/1985 332, Italian citizens who have not completed 18 or are over the age of 60 are allowed free admission to monuments, museums, galleries and archaeological sites of state. This facility is recognized to foreigners by an agreement of reciprocity. Entitled persons are required to show a valid ID document at the entrance of the monuments.

Villas and palaces

Ravello: Villa Cimbrone, Villa Rufolo
Capri: Villa Jovis, Villa S. Michele (Anacapri)
Maiori: Palazzo Mezzacapo
Caserta: Reggia di Caserta
Napoli: Palazzo Reale, Reggia di Capodimonte

Monuments and churches

Amalfi: Cathedral of S. Andrea, Cloister of Paradise, Fountain S. Andrea
Atrani: The collegiate church of S. Maria Maddalena, the House of Masaniello
Capri: Certosa of S. Giacomo
Cetara: Church and convent of S. Francesco, Church of S. Pietro Apostolo, Church of S. Maria of Costantinopoli
Maiori: Castle of S.Nicola de Thoro-Plano, Collegiate of S. Maria a Mare, Monastery of S. Maria Olearia, Sanctuary of Maria SS. Avvocata
Minori: Basilica of S. Trofimena, Convent of S. Nicola
Positano: Church S. Maria Assunta
Praiano: Church of S. Luca Evangelista, Church of S. Gennaro
Ravello: Cathedral of Ravello, Sancturay of S. Cosma and S. Damiano, Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer
Scala: cathedral of S. Lorenzo, Basilica of S. Eustachio, Watchtower Torre dello Ziro (district Pontone)
Tramonti: Ancient Conservatory of S. Giuseppe and S. Teresa
Vietri sul Mare: Church of S: Giovannni Battista, the Confraternity of Annunziata and Rosario, the ceramic pottery Solimene
Salerno: Castle of Arechi, Cathedral of S. Matteo
Napoli: The historic Center (World Heritage Site since 1995), the Catacombs, the Basilica of S. Chiara, Fontana del Gigante (Fontain of the Giant), Maschio Angioino, Castel dell 'Ovo Certosa of S. Martino, Cathedral of S. Maria Assunta (better known as the Cathedral of S. Gennaro), Via S. Gregorio Armeno (the famous street with its Christmas-cribs)


Conca dei Marini: Grotta dello Smeraldo
Atrani: Grotta di Masaniello, Grotta dei Santi
Maiori: Grotta Sulfurea, Grotta Pandora
Praiano: Grotta dell’altare, Grotta Suppraiano
Capri: Grotta azzurra



February / March: Carnival with parade of carnival-carts
19 march: festivity of S. Giuseppe Lavoratore
Good Friday: “Via Crucis” Stations of the Cross through the streets of the village
1st Sunday in June every four years: Historical Regatta of the Maritime Republics
13 june: festivity of S. Antonio da Padova
27 june: festivity of S. Andrea
august: Potato festival (district Tovere)
august: Pumpkin and zucchini festival (district Pogerola)
1° of September: Byzantine New Year
30 November: festivity of S. Andrea
24. December: the descent of the holy star from Monte Tabor
31.12. New Year's celebraton in the towns square


22 july: festivity of S. Maria Maddalena
august: Blue Fish Festival
31 august: Byzantine New Year


29 june: festivity of S. Pietro
August: A tutto tonno (all around tunafish)
8 December: Festa dell'Immacolata Concezione
December: The rediscovery of ancient flavors (the local restaurants prepare dishes with anchovy leakage)

Conca dei Marini:

Good Friday: Procession of the Dead Christ
13 june: festivity of S. Antonio
23 july: Sailing Regatta for the festival of the sea
5 August: festivity of Madonna della Neve
August: festival of the “sfogliatella Santa Rosa”


1st Sunday in july: Marmeeting, World Cup of diving-jumps from great heights
1st Sunday in September: Flour and Folk Festival, in honor of S. Catherine
First quarter of September: Walls in Search of Authors
First quarter of September: Festival of the prickly pear


February / March: Carnival with parade of carnival-carts
Good Friday: “Via Crucis” Stations of the Cross through the streets of the village
Whit Monday: festivity of Madonna dell’Avvocata
29 june: festivity of S. Pietro (district S.Pietro)
2 july: festivity of Madonna delle Grazie in the same-named quarter of the village
16 july: festivity of Madonna del Carmine
25 july: festivity of S. Giacomo Maggiore
August: Festival of eggplant with chocolate
15 August: festivity of Madonna Assunta
16 August: festivity of S. Rocco
September: festival of the district (district Casale dei Cicerali)
15 September: festivity of Madonna Addolorata
October: Rossellini Film Festival
4 October: festivity of S. Francesco
8 December: festivity of Madonna Assunta (district Erchie)


Good Friday: “Via Crucis” Stations of the Cross through the streets of the village
From april to june: The journal of the Conservatory
13 july: festivity of S. Trofimena
August: Jazzfestival
1st half of september: Gusta Minori (festival of gastronomy, tradition, entertainment)
5 November: festivity of S. Trofimena
27 November: festivity of S. Trofimena


15 june: festivity of S. Vito
29 june: festivity of S. Pietro
2 july: festivity Santa Maria delle Grazie in Montepertuso district
15 August: festivity of Madonna Assunta
August/september: Summer music in the courtyard of the Hotel Palazzo Murat
September: Leonide Massine award for the art of dance
September: Fish festival
27 December: Festival of the “Zeppola” (a local, very special donut)


1st Sunday of may: festivity of S. Gennaro
May/June and September/October: Concerts on the path of Gods (concerti sul Sentiero degli Dei) 1st Sunday of july: festivity of S. Luca Evangelista
July/august: Festival della Tradizione (festival of traditions)
From 1 to 4 August: Luminaria di S. Domenico (festival of illumination, tradition and entertainment)
10 August: La Notte Bianca (feast and entertainment all night long)
18 October: festivity of S. Luca Evangelista
19 September: festivity of S. Gennaro
December/January: Tradizionatale (Christmas celebrations following the local traditions)


Palm Sunday: Via Crucis in costume
3. Sunday of may: festivity of S. Pantaleone
from june to september: Ravello festival
15 july: festivity of Madonna della Grazie (district Castiglione)
27 july: festivity S. Pantaleone
2. Sunday of september: festivity of Madonna Addolorata (district Torello)
26 September: festivity of S. Cosma and S. Damiano


Eastertime: Holy Week Celebrations
August/September: Scala meets New York
10 August: festivity of S. Lorenzo
October: Chestnut Festival
December/January: Christmas Celebrations (the descent of the holy star 24.12. and 6.1.)


March/May: Award artistic-literary "City of Tramonti"
13 june: festivity of S. Antonio
August: Pizza-festival
10 august: chalices of Stars
August: Wine Festival

Vietri sul Mare:

February / March: Carnival
24 june: celebration of S. Giovanni Battista
July/August: Summer Concerts at Villa Guariglia (district Raito)
2 july: festivity of Madonna delle Grazie (district Raito)
August/september: Gran Galà award of Culture
October/December: International Piano Competition "Vietri sul Mare - Amalficoast


Good Friday: “Via Crucis” procession through the streets of the village
July: Agerola World Music Festival
July: "Caponata" Festival
August: Fiordilatte Festival (district Pianillo)
August: Sausage Festival
August: Pepper Festival
1. Sunday of september: Festival of Taste
September: Bean Festival
September :Festival of tripe (district Bomerano)
October: Chestnut Festival

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